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Once more unto the breach

September 29, 2013

This is the fourth attempt I make at blogging. I don’t believe the number of blog posts I have written through the years is particularly impressive, but it was still surprisingly timeconsuming. During my last attempt I seldom published anything but I was still preoccupied with coming up with new things to write about or editing half-finished blog posts. I think one of the reasons for not publishing was from a kind of self-censorship. By that I don’t mean that most of my non-published blog posts were unusually perverse (they were) or needlessly provocative (they were necessarily provocative), instead I felt that what I had to say would just add to the noise that is so prevalent on the internet — so most of my blogposts ended up in a virtual drawer somewhere.

Another reason for my reluctancy to publish stemmed, in part, from insecurity about putting what you write out there for other people to read and criticize (and that special feeling you get when you realize that people have better things to do). The other part is that I’ve never felt comfortable with the thought of strangers knowing too much about me, not in real life nor online. In fact, I am constantly amazed by how much people reveal about themselves on services like Facebook, sometimes seemingly without reflecting on who will see their status updates and photos. This of course limits what I’m prepared to write about but that’s also the beauty with blogging, I can do as I wish since there are no editors. No fact-checking. No one to stop you from rambling about things only you care about. No one to tackle you off your soapbox when you’ve decided to have an opinion about something you know nothing about.

In other words, this blog won’t be about me or my life. It will be about whatever happens to keep my interest at a moment in time. Often, this will mean programming or other computer related subjects, but there will doubtlessly be other subjects. I’m sure there’ll even be pompous, badly fact-checked, rambling opinion pieces about things no one cares about. This is a blog after all.

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